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A unique upgrade for all sailboats, speedboats, sloops and yachts. But only suitable for the real enthusiast!


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Backlighting ensures that your engravings are clearly visible even at night. Read more about this unique option here

Unique materials for unique boats. Our materials are specially formulated for the demanding maritime environment

Schalttafeln mit Verkabelung für das Boot

Safe and professional wiring. Read more about which options you can choose from when it comes to wiring your new panel


We have carefully selected both the components and the sheet material for the harsh marine environment for use in the toughest weather conditions on board your ship.
By our unique method of engraving, we ensure that the engraving are not feelable on the surface of your panel.

Fully pre-wired for easy installation
Razor-sharp engravings, so no hassle with stickers
100% Custom Made and tailored to your wishes

Beneteau zeilboot schakelpaneel

Vaak gestelde vragen

Can you make a custom switch/dashboard panel?
make for my XXX long boat?

Can I return my custom-made panel?

Yes! CSP makes switch and dashboard panels for all types of boats and ships. But because we start from the drawing board with every project, we do need some information from you! Why? This is why!

1. There are thousands of different types of boats, and often even the boat builders do not have the correct boat information available.

2. Because a boat is often built with a lot of manual labor by the original dealer, there can be a lot of difference between 2 identical boats, even from the same year of construction.

3.  Almost all our customers have specific wishes when it comes to creating a custom made panel. We do not even use the same drawing if you have the same boat as a previous customer of ours, because you have very different requirements for the panel.

This answer may come as a surprise, but YES!

For us it is of course a loss situation if you decide to return the panel (which we have invested a lot of time in).
But because of the exclusivity and craftsmanship with which your panel is constructed, no panel has ever been returned to date!

We realize that you spend a considerable amount of money on having an exclusive switch panel made. In addition, you may still be unfamiliar with our company and the quality we deliver.
So if you receive your panel and the quality does not meet your requirements, you can return the panel within 3 days of receiving it for a full refund.

Can you install the dashboard panel?

Offcourse! As experienced water sports technicians and electricians, we are also available to install the switch panel for you. Let us know where your boat is located and we will look together at the possibilities!

Custom switch panels | CSP

  • Afhankelijk van de afmetingen van uw paneel, maken wij de meeste panelen van 3 - 5mm Reverso plexiglas
  • De allerhoogste kwaliteit, tegen een eerlijke prijs
  • Kies uit een breed assortiment kleuren voor uw paneel 
  • Kies uw favoriete schakelaars of drukknoppen | Kunt u uw schakelaar niet vinden? Laat het ons weten en wij vinden hem voor u! 
  • Label uw eigen schakelaars zodat het label overeenkomt met de toepassing van de schakelaar
  • Graveer uw eigen (custom made) logo van uw boot, auto, grasmaaier en veel meer op het paneel!
  • Uw paneel komt volledig bedraad en getest, en hoeft alleen nog maar geïnstalleerd te worden!
  • Vragen? Neem contact met ons op, of bekijk de FAQ


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