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Introducing hiGLOSS Luxe Acrylic

In the year 2022, a distinctive trend emerged in the realm of switches and dashboards—a shift towards sleek black high-gloss acrylic dashboards. As pioneers in the industry, we've embraced this style across all types of vessels, employing only the finest and most durable materials. No compromise on quality—no cheap veneers or Trespa that you might find with our imitators.

Crafted from UV-resistant material with a thickness of 3 or 5 mm, our reverso hiGLOSS Acrylic boasts a unique brilliance, enhancing the aesthetics of your dashboard with a beautiful finish. The deep gloss imparts a one-of-a-kind appearance to your cockpit, resembling the pristine clarity of glass. Elevate your boat's console to a like-new condition with premium options like personalized logo engraving. What sets us apart is our exclusive engraving technique (Reverso), ensuring that all engravings on the face of the panels remain seamlessly tactile!

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Custom Engravings for unique boards

For those seeking a truly individualized touch, our panels offer the option of engraving your exclusive design. Whether it's your logo, a meaningful symbol, or a unique sketch of your vessel, we can bring it to life on the board.

Here's how it works: Provide us with a photograph of your ship, and our skilled artisans will digitally craft and engrave the image onto the board. Utilizing the "InscribeCraft" method, all engravings are seamlessly integrated into the panel's surface, maintaining a smooth and tactile finish. Your fingertips won't detect the intricacies, only the visual delight of your personalized design gracing the board.


Anodized aluminum

If you are looking for a material other than acrylic, you can also choose our anodized aluminum.

This high-quality, UV-resistant material is anodized using a chemical process, which initially gives it a very special shine and a strong protective layer.

Aluminum is stiffer than acrylic, making the panel more stable on large surfaces.

We therefore recommend this material for panels larger than one meter.

Matte Reverso Acrylic Panels

Experience the sophistication of our VelvetTouch Reverso Acrylic Panels—a sibling to our high-gloss selection, but with a refined matte finish. If you prefer a subtle sheen, our matte acrylic material is the perfect choice.

This understated option offers a uniquely elegant finish, characterized by a subdued luster that brings a touch of class to your space. The matte surface provides a distinctive light reflection, creating a nuanced aesthetic that is both refined and contemporary. Choose Matte reverso for a finish that is subtly distinctive and adds a touch of sophistication to your interior.


Complete instrument panels

New devices often don't fit into your current dashboard or have created gaps that you no longer use. Then a complete overhaul of your current dashboard is the perfect option!

We will work with you to create a new, unique design that fits perfectly with the interior of the boat and your personal wishes. This is how we create an elegant and modern dashboard that will make the appearance of your cabin look new again!
After all, the dashboard is a product that you and your passengers are always looking at, so it has to be perfect!


Curious about the possibilities on board? Please contact us!

An elongated control panel is often necessary if you have limited space but still want an attractive control panel that fits exactly into the existing dimensions.

In addition, a rectangular panel looks very beautiful in combination with backlighting and an engraved logo

Wiring options

Not only can you choose the materials and layout, but you can also determine how we wire your panel.

There are many connection options and most panels we supply are fully wired. All you have to do is install it and connect it to the network in your boat!

Would you rather lay the cables yourself? Then you can of course also wire the panel yourself.


Matt acrylic with high gloss inlay

A unique option we can offer you is to use our matt base material, onto which high-gloss inserts are then applied. This gives your panel a beautiful look and a unique material composition.

Unique control panels for a every boat

Are you also looking for a unique and affordable upgrade for your boat?

Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

We create a unique layout for the panel and go through our processes step by step to achieve a beautiful, impressive result that will be a unique addition to your boat